Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Stubbed My Toe On The Technology

Oh, I should forge on ahead and explore the next Thing--it's something really snazzy and techy: eFolios--online portfolios to be used as a career enhancer or some such thing. It had these action steps to take before starting:

Reflect: Reflect on what you’ve accomplished in school and in your career, and how it fits with your goals.
Collect: Collect the information for your electronic portfolio. To learn more about what to include, read below.
Select: Select those documents that are most pertinent to your goals and keep them handy as you work on your electronic portfolio.
Build: Build your site using the electronic portfolio tool. For ideas on what you can do with your electronic portfolio, see
Publish: Publish your portfolio. You can let others read all, or parts of, your site. Targeting is helpful if you have multiple skills and are open to a number of different employment options.

Frankly, I read this and I became very sleepy. And I just had a mocha. That's a bad sign. I mean, I don't even want to think about action step 1. Does anyone out there really have an overwhelming desire to reflect on what they've accomplished in their careers? Apart from the masochists, I mean. And the show-offs. Don't get me wrong--I'm actually quite happy with my quote unquote career, I just don't have a desire to dwell on it, the way I lately have a desire to dwell on the logistics of homeschooling, the gathering of fiddleheads, the winning of lotteries and the cuteness of my children.

The other thing that made me sleepy, or I should say lethargic, is my library bud's blog http://23sticketc.blogspot.com/. It was so cool. She makes it look so effortless, this Stick stuff. So I looked at her blog and thought: what the hell is a screed? Am I supposed to know that? Did I skip that part? Did I miss something? Could I possibly be more fuzzy brained? And I became very tired.

Ditto my virtual bud (can I call her that? I feel like we're friends, although I have no idea who she is or where she is or even what her name is--funny, isn't it, the nature of these virtual relationships...) Anyway, my virtual bud Cara Mama http://caramamamia.blogspot.com/ who writes these really sweet and sharp entries about her daughter and here I am and you'd hardly even know I have kids, truthfully, I threw in the reference above about their cuteness just so I wouldn't feel like a horrible mother. A mother who has a blog and never even talks about her kids. How messed up is that?

Topping it all off is the ever-brilliant Well Dressed Librarian http://welldressedlibrarian.blogspot.com/ and his ridiculously over-the-top funny post which slyly compares reference assistance to unspeakable sex acts and/or prostitution (it's funnier than it sounds) and I should just crawl into bed, pull the covers over my head, and call it a day. Wake me up in the next millenium.


caramama said...

Awww, we are definitely virtual buds. And trust me, by now you know me.

Okay, I work in IT and am pretty computer savvy in general, but I didn't know what a screed was. I had to look it up. What I think about all this technology is that you take what you need and want, and let the rest go. There is just too much out there, with more each day. I think the neat thing about the 23 Things is that it's just showing what is out there so you can pick.

As for my blogging about my kiddo... I only started a blog so I could do "mommy blogging" as that is my current obsession. Some bloggers turn their noses up at mommy blogs, as if they aren't important. Me, I wasn't interested in blogs at all until I discovered them. You've just gotta do what you want and let the technology help you do it.

Was that preachy? I don't want to be preachy. I've been enjoying your blog as it is. And now I'll shut up. ;-)

Rudyinparis said...

Hey, thanks Caramama! Particularly for admitting that you didn't know what a screed was.

I really enjoy mommy blogs. People who dis them as unimportant are poopyheads. That's right, you heard me, I called them poopyheads. I'm betting they're male and don't have kids and also have specific ideas of what makes great lit-tri-ture. Ah well, who needs 'em.

I do feel a certain amount of pressure, because of my trade, to keep up on what the heck is going on in computer-land, even if it doesn't serve any immediate purpose of mine. So that can be a bit of a drag. At least I'm flailing about in a lackluster way, which is better than nothing.

See you over at Ask Moxie!

fresca said...

Sheesh! I didn't even know "screed" had become a computer term (I still don't, I'm just guessing).
All this doesn't make me tired, it makes me hyper anxious... Really.
I need a tribble to stroke--I hear they bring down the blood pressure.
Anyway, I delight in your writing, R., whether or not you ever mention your kids.

fresca said...

Hey, R,
I just found LibraryThing---like I need another site to check...
Wondered if you knew about it:
"Enter what you're reading or your whole library—it's an easy, library-quality catalog. LibraryThing also connects you with people who read the same things."

fresca said...

Hey, girl! Where's our next Thing app?
I learned RSS today, so I'm catching up. You gotta keep moving, like the shark in "Annie Hall"!